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    Style #1


    The Coral Sea range incorporates the very best design features available. Spacious swim-outs, seating, entry and exit steps all perfectly positioned around the pool to provide family friendly use as well as a large swimming area, ideal for exercise laps.

    With five lengths available in the innovative style, there is certain to be a Coral Sea pool size perfect to suit both your budget and leisure needs. Free form pools are quickly becoming the most popular style in the fiberglass pool arena. The Coral Sea was designed to be the most versatile free form fiberglass swimming pool on the market. The Coral Sea features include grand entry steps, 360 degree seating and the ability to orient the pool in a left or right hand position.

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    Style #2


    The Whitsunday is a rectangular pool that offers many great features. As you enter the pool in the shallow end there is a grand entry of stairs that welcomes you. The stairs are wide enough to accommodate any visitor and there is a safety ledge around the perimeter of the pool for additional safety. The Whitsunday fiberglass pool is one of our most popular models.

    The Whitsunday comes in one of seven different color options. The traditional Whitsunday model line includes the 40, 35 and 30 foot versions. The Whitsunday Lounger, which features a lounging ledge comes in two sizes, the 35 and 30. You will have a choice of Ocean, California, Aquamarine, Sandstone, Midnight, Evening Sky and Arctic shimmer colors.

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    Style #3


    The Grande offers luxury and styling like no other. Clean lines, a grand set of entry steps, 360 degree access, and generous deep and shallow seating, make the Grande the perfect pool in most any setting.

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